: Episode 67: Technology Bytes. . .WWDC Post-View Looking backwards at the WWDC Keynote. Transcript

: Episode 66: Technology Bytes. . .WWDC Preview Ramblings on what Apple might announce and what I would like them to announce at WWDC. Transcript

: Episode 65: Technology Bytes. . .IPad Accessories Smart Folio, Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil Pro. Transcript

: Episode 64: Technology Bytes. . .iPad Pro M4 Yes, I bought one.

: Episode 63: Technology Bytes. . .Body The body is amazing technology. Transcript

: Episode 62: Technology Bytes. . .Let Loose Reaction Reaction to Apple’s Let Loose Event. Transcript

: Episode 61: Technology Bytes. . .Let Loose My ramblings on what Apple might announce on Tuesday, May 7th. Transcript

: Episode 60: Technology Bytes. . .Traffic Control Am I reaching for topics? Transcript

: Episode 59: Technology Bytes. . .Power Tools So nice for projects like building a workbench. Transcript

: Episode 58: Technology Bytes. . .Artificial Intelligence Not that I know anything about it. Transcript

: Episode 57: Technology Bytes. . .Double Tap Finally found a need. Transcript

: Episode 56: Technology Bytes. . .Air Fryer Actually, very low tech. Transcript

: Episode 55: Technology Bytes. . .Wavelength Wavelength is a simple microcast recording and publishing app from the folks at micro.blog. …

: Episode 54: Technology Bytes. . .Universal Control Using one mouse and keyboard to control multiple devices, without any setup or issues, is very nice. …

: Episode 53: Technology Bytes. . .Apple Watch And those who don’t sing its praises. Transcript

: Episode 52: Technology Bytes. . .Air Drier Or drywall drier. Tech? Maybe not. Transcript

: Episode 51: Technology Bytes. . .Sit-Stand Desk Tech? I think it is cool. Transcript

: Episode 50: Apple Vision Pro Demo Not very impressed.

: Episode 49: Technology Bytes. . .HomeKit Failures Batteries and unresponsive devices. Ugh. Transcript

: Episode 48: Technology Bytes. . .Apple Vision Pro Again More thoughts on the Apple Vision Pro after watching reviews. Transcript

: Episode 47: Technology Bytes. . .Cellular Service It has come a long way. Transcript

: Episode 46: Technology Bytes. . .Apple Vision Pro No, I haven’t tried it but I want to. Transcript

: Episode 45: Technology Bytes. . .Water Park We might not realize how much tech goes into running a water park. Transcript

: Episode 44: Technology Bytes. . .Lights Sometimes tech takes work. Transcript

: Episode 43: Technology Bytes. . .Favorite My favorite tech of 2023. Transcript

: Episode 42: Technology Bytes. . .Siri Siri, ugh! Need I say more? Transcript

: Episode 41: Technology Bytes. . .Updates Important and useful increasing the life of devices. Transcript

: Episode 40: Technology Bytes. . .Paper Pictures Not a technology I thought I would be discussing. Transcript

: Episode 39: Technology Bytes. . .Christmas Lights Yay!! Transcript

: Episode 38: Technology Bytes. . .HomeKit Struggles Sometimes it doesn’t work.

: Episode 37: Technology Bytes. . .Apple Pencil Great tool for iPad users even if you don’t draw. Transcript

: Episode 36: Technology Bytes. . .Journal App This week I discuss Apple’s new Journal App. Transcript

: Episode 35: Technology Bytes. . .Scary Fast Post View After the thoughts on Apple’s Scary Fast video drop. Transcript

: Episode 34: Technology Bytes. . .Scary Fast Preview Initial thoughts on the Scary Fast Apple Event. Transcript

: Episode 33: Technology Bytes. . .New To Me First time, for me, smart home additions. Transcript

: Episode 32: Technology Bytes. . .When It Doesn’t Work When technology doesn’t work it can be very frustrating. Maybe we should be amazed that it ever …

: Episode 31: Technology Bytes. . .Refoss The Refoss garage door add on turns any garage door opener into a smart appliance. Works great. …

: Episode 30: Technology Bytes. . .Level Lock So far so good. Transcript

: Episode 29: Technology Bytes. . .Purchased The saga of purchasing products on release day at an Apple Store. Transcript

: Episode 28: Technology Bytes. . .Wonderlust My thoughts on Apple’s latest hardware announcement. Transcript

: Episode 27: Technology Bytes. . .Apple Event Preview Only tech news I’m talking about. Transcript

: Episode 26: Technology Bytes. . .Electronic Document Signing Ramblings on electronic document signing. Transcript

: Episode 25: Technology Bytes. . .Health Apple Watch and health. Transcript

: Episode 24: Technology Bytes. . .Continuity Apple makes great products on their own. But the system continuity makes them all work together. …

: Episode 23: Technology Bytes. . .iOS Keyboard Tricks A couple handful of iOS keyboard tricks. Transcript

: Episode 22: Technology Bytes. . .Passwords The ugly necessity. Transcript

: Episode 21: Technology Bytes. . .Tech Support Ask your techie friends for help. They will. Transcript

: Episode 20: Technology Bytes. . .Technology What do I mean by technology? Transcript

: Episode 19: Technology Bytes. . .macOS Sonoma WWDC 2023: macOS Sonoma Preview Transcript

: Episode 18: Technology Bytes. . .iPadOS 17 Preview My thoughts on iPadOS 17. Transcript

: Episode 17: Technology Bytes. . .iOS 17 Preview WWDC 2023 iOS 17 Preview Transcript

: Episode 16: Technology Bytes. . .WatchOS 10 WWDC 2023: My impressions of watchOS 10. Transcript

: Episode 15: Technology Bytes. . .Commonality WWDC 2023 common OS updates across all. Transcript

: Episode 14: Technology Bytes. . .WWDC 2023 WWDC 2023 Overview Transcript

: Episode 13: Technology Bytes. . .Apple Pay Use it!! Transcript

: Episode 12: Technology Bytes. . .Car Seats Car seats have technology? Transcript

: Episode 11: Technology Bytes. . .Pool Pump System The system for keeping a pool clean and inviting is neat technology. Transcript

: Episode 10: Technology Bytes. . .HomeKit Locks And Sensors Third HomeKit installment covers door lock and sensors. Information on installation, use, and …

: Episode 9: Technology Bytes. . .HomeKit Lights Easiest place to start smart home setup is lights. Transcript

: Episode 8: Technology Bytes. . .HomeKit Introduction How to start a new home. Transcript

: Episode 7: Technology Bytes. . .Apple Watch And Health Using the health functions of the Apple Watch. Transcript

: Episode 6: Technology Bytes. . .Stage Manager Try it and you might like it. Transcript

: Episode 5: Technology Bytes. . .Safari Tab Groups Safari Tab Groups - A great way to tame your Safari tabs. Transcript

: Episode 4: Technology Bytes. . .Focus Mode Stay focused to accomplish. Transcript

: Adaptive Cruise Control Today on my microcast, Technology Bytes, I discuss Adaptive Cruise Control. I drive a Honda Civic so …

: Episode 3: Technology Bytes. . .Adaptive Cruise Control If you have it use it. Transcript

: Apple’s Universal Control Technology Today on my microcast, Technology Bytes, I discuss Apple’s Universal Control. What is Universal …

: Episode 2: Technology Bytes. . .Universal Control Apple’s Universal Control is very slick and useful.

: MVNOs and the Wearable Today on my microcast, Technology Bytes, I discuss the MVNO service as it relates to wearables. …

: Episode 1: Technology Bytes. . .MVNOs Wearables and the Mobile Virtual Network Operator.

: Episode 0: Technology Bytes Introduction A brief introduction to the Technology Bytes microcast.

: Still waiting for Apple to approve my new podcast. I’m very impatient.

: If I do this right this blog will be technology focused. The technology is all based on something I …